Have you ever considered making homemade wine?

Once you learn how, wine making is a fun, simple and rewarding process in which everyone can partake! Taking a course in wine making is a wonderful social experience and an opportunity to hone a new craft. EmanuelleAccording to Wine Market Council, 53% of wine drinkers are women. So why are more women not engaging in the wine making pastime? It’s simply a wonderful bonding experience for men, women and couples. Founded in 2012 by Emanuella Petrucci, Women Wine Making is the first Rhode Island-based award winning wine making class for anyone interested in creating their own homemade wine.

  • You’ll learn the “Phases of Wine Making” and undertake hands on step-by-step process to transfer grape wine juice to alcohol, as well as bottling and labeling the final product.
  • When you’re finished, you’ll have bottles of your very own wine.
  • Enjoy the fruits of your labor, create lasting memories, and establish cherished family traditions.

519Dad   Women Wine Making is a green, socially responsible company. From recycled wine bottles to American-made tee shirts, the company is dedicated to preserving our precious planet. Women Wine Making is partnering with Waterman Grille Restaurant on a sustainable program to recycle wine bottles.  The restaurant is graciously donating its used wine bottles to the homemade wine making company for use in its courses.

“It’s a great feeling to see someone drink a glass of your homemade wine – and the smile that appears on their face.

My mission is to uncork for people the wonderful world of wine making and keep Italian traditions alive.

Now stop whining and make wine!”