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Emanuella Petrucci, Founder

Mikala and I great picture 2014Emanuella was born and raised in a small, rural mountainside village in Italy. She came to America and has been on an industrious path since childhood. Emanuella possess 35 years of experience dedicated to various customer service-related industries.  While attending high school, Emanuella provided office support for the  Greater Providence Chamber of Commerce and attended cosmetology school.  During the 1980s, Emanuella taught and implemented cosmetic arts training for Community College of Rhode Island, and The Providence Learning Connection.  She crafted an original resource for these trainings entitled “Let’s Make Up” for her students.  Every February, Emanuella was annually selected as the make-up artist for The Providence Journal Bridal newspaper’s special subsection on Bridal fashion.  In 1990 Emanuella continued her entrepreneurial journey by opening up her own salon in Cranston and at the same time courageously opened up the very first drive-thru “Condom Hut” as part of a greater movement aimed to help increase public awareness of HIV and preventative techniques. In 1994 Emanuella sold her businesses and spent the next 15 years working as a domestic and international flight attendant for Continental Airlines. After the birth of her daughter and September 11th incident the airlines did a major layoff and Emanuella is pleased to be grounded. Her career has come full circle as office manager at Advocacy Solutions LLC and works part-time at Elan’s Day Spa while being a single mom.  In addition to her current positions, she continued her path of success by launching an innovative award winning new business called Women Wine Making September 2012. The company aims to help anyone interested in creating their own homemade wines and keep Italian traditions alive by providing the skills they need to know in order to do so.  Recently, Emanuella successfully completed winemaking training with Robert Herald (esteemed winemaker, judge, writer for WineMaker’s magazine and teacher at the Viticulture and Winemaking at Naugatuck Valley Community College).  Emanuella connects her Italian roots to her passion for wine making and also being an active board member of The National Organization for Italian American Women.  Recently, she’s been invited to be a member of the American Wine Society and was asked to start a Chapter in Rhode Island.  Despite the fact that her 13 year old daughter calls her “quite a busy lady,” 535Emanuella still enjoys the simple things in life and finds time to enjoy them with her daughter. Her diverse hobbies and passions include family, Hawaiian hula dancing, gardening, traveling, teaching cooking classes and winemaking, and tending to her vineyard.

“My life is complete”



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