The Course

When it comes to amateur wine making, Women Wine Making is your best choice!2014 AWS award wine


As a member of the American Wine Society we believe…..

“Promoting appreciation of wine through education”

The American Wine Society was  organized in 1967 as a non-profit, educational, consumer-oriented  organization for those interested in learning more about all aspects of  wine. Now in its 47th year, the American Wine Society is the largest  consumer based wine education organization in North America.


placing capsules

Placing capsules!

Women Wine Making offers private or individual group classes in the convenience of your home or at our location in Providence.  Invite a few close friends and enjoy the course together!  Have a private home wine making party and the hostess receives 1/2 off.

Your Women Wine Making class is a four week adventure teaching everything you need to know to create your very own bottles. You will read and discuss each stage of the process while experiencing step by step hands-on instruction.


Listed below is a quick summary of what to expect and a basic understanding needed for successful wine making.

Week One
You’ll learn about the chosen grape juice, its region, the aging process and flavors. Discuss the importance of cleanliness and sterilization. Learn what equipment is needed for wine making and how they are used correctly. Find out how to properly use a hydrometer in locating the Brix, Specific gravity and Alcohol by Volume. Start the Primary Fermentation with cultivated yeasts and learn how to properly choose and measure yeast before adding to your grape juice.

Week Two
Your Hydrometer reading and ranges will be discussed as well as racking your wine after fermentation.  Learn why and how to siphon your wine? De-gassing and types of airlocks procedures will be reviewed.  Discuss Carboys wine vessels versus Oak wine barrels for aging – and learn how important wine temperature is for each stage of wine making.

Racking the wine!

Racking the wine!

Week Three
Making good wines at home requires art and science. Learn about Additives and careful measures in order to properly dose the wine at the winemakers choice. Talk about ways to make your private labels according to government regulations, preparation of bottles and types.  Discuss how to choose your capsules, corking machines, corks and sizes. Natural or synthetic?

Week Four
You’ll plan for the final racking of your wine.  We will bottle, cork, capsule and label your wine to make it look professional and ready to ENJOY!

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